Selectra's Climate Friendly Company label

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Selectra is working to supports companies in developing their strategy for ecological transition via its eco-label for climate-friendly companies. Find out more about this label and the steps you need to take to get it.

What is Selectra's Climate Friendly Company label?

More and more companies are becoming aware of climate change. The Climate Friendly Company label was created by Selectra with the aim of helping eco-friendly companies to reduce their environmental impact.

An eco-label for climate-friendly companies

Selectra supports companies in reducing their carbon footprint through various actions such as switching to 100% green energy, calculating their corporate carbon footprint and offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions.

The label is aimed at all small businesses and retailers (restaurants, hotels, grocery shops, etc.) who wish to reduce their ecological footprint and communicate their efforts to their customers.

The role of companies in the energy transition

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Global warming is getting worse with each passing day. This is largely due to human activities that emit excessive amounts of greenhouse gases. This phenomenon, known as the greenhouse effect, results in a rise in the average temperature of the planet's surface.

Although the production of renewable energies is on the rise and awareness is growing among companies, some industries, such as the oil industry, are still resisting the energy transition.

This is why, with the help of the Climate Friendly Company Label, Selectra is working to mobilise as many companies as possible to participate in the energy transition and apply sustainable development practices to their day-to-day business.

How to obtain the Climate Friendly Company label from Selectra

The goal of the Climate Friendly Company label is to promote the energy transition of companies.

Criteria for obtaining the Climate Friendly Company label

To obtain the label, companies must meet several criteria:

  • Switch to a 100% renewable energy supplier, including 100% green electricity and gas offers;
  • Calculate their carbon footprint that accounts for the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted by the company's activity and implement actions to reduce them;
  • Offset the remaining emissions by financing the Gandhi project and the construction of a wind farm in India.

How to be awarded the Climate Friendly Company label

The different steps to follow for all companies wishing to be eligible for the Selectra Climate Friendly Company label are the following:

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  1. Contact Selectra by e-mail at the following address: ;
  2. Receive an email with quotes for your three energy services, the general terms and conditions of sale, and Selectra’s payment details;
  3. Switch to your new green energy supplier, calculate your corporate carbon footprint, and offset some or all of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Display your company’s commitment to the environment.

Show your customers, employees, and partners your company’s commitment to green energy and taking an environmental approach with our Climate Friendly Label certificate and stickers.

  • Climate Friendly Label pack consists of:
  • A digital kit for all digital media (website, social networks, etc.);
  • A 14 cm x 14 cm sticker to be affixed to a window;
  • An A5 format certificate to be inserted in a display case (additional charge);
  • A framed A4 certificate to hang on the wall (additional charge).

The label is valid for one year. In order to renew it, Selectra offers the company the opportunity to update its greenhouse gas emissions balance sheet, as well as the estimate of the quantity of CO2 to be offset.

Financially, the label is adapted to the limited means of companies and offers relatively low and accessible costs:

  • £200 excluding VAT for the change of supplier, the calculation of the carbon footprint and the attribution of the label for one year;
  • A supplement ranging from £100 to £400 depending on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the company,
  • A supplement of £10 for the A5 certificate;
  • A supplement of £10 for the A4 framed certificate.

Selectra, more than just a green energy comparison service

Since its creation in 2007 by Xavier Pinon and Aurian de Maupeou, Selectra has become the leading energy comparison service, particularly for green energy.

Selectra also offers its customers the opportunity to voluntarily offset some or all of their greenhouse gas emissions with the Carbon Offset Gift Card. For each tonne of CO2 offset, Selectra finances a the development of green energy in India through the Gandhi project, with the purchase of carbon credits which allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

By launching the Climate Friendly Company label and the Carbon Offset Gift Card, Selectra is working towards a greener world.

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