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Compare bikes: Bike reviews and price guide 2022

compare bikes

Bicycles are an excellent way to travel as well as being respectful of the environment. Are you thinking of buying a bicycle, but don’t know which one to choose or where to start? Check out our comparison guide below with different types of bicycles, as well as our selection of best priced bikes for 2022.

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Bicycle comparison: The best bicycles in terms of value for money

bicycle comparison

Depending on the purpose for which you require a bicycle, you will choose a different type of bike. There are three main categories of bicycles you will likely be interested in, particularly if it is your first bike:

  • Road bikes;
  • Mountain bikes;
  • City bikes...

Thanks to the comparisons which follow, you will be able to find the model which best suits your needs.

Road bikes

This type of bicycle is used for cycling on roads, meaning going uphill, on roads, or for competitions. These bicycles have four main characteristics (although the latter may vary in some cases):

  • They are the lightest on the market;
  • They have a multipurpose design;
  • They are quite competitive;
  • They are rigid.

Compared to mountain bikes, road bikes are a lot more comfortable and absorb shocks and impact much more quickly thanks to the design of their suspension.

Buying a road bike: comparison
Model Price
Triban RC120 Disc £499.99
Giant Contend 2 £749
Boardman ADV 8.8 £750


Mountain bikes

Excellent for different terrains, mountain bikes, also known as MTB, have been designed to be used on different trails and paths, guaranteeing comfort and stability for the cyclist.

The mountain bike (all terrain bicycle) is designed to be used exclusively for sport: bike rides through woods, climbing mountains, enjoying rocky terrains, etc.

Buying a mountain bike: comparison
Model Price
Vitus Nucleus 29 VR £550
Marin Bobcat Trail 3 £525
Voodoo Aizan £500


City bikes

Used primarily to go for bike rides, to go to work, or to go shopping, these kinds of bicycles combine comfort and practicality.

There are various categories of city bikes:

  1. Dutch bicycle;
  2. Foldable bicycle, very practical for transport;
  3. Electric bicycle to travel easily without much physical exertion.
Buying a city bike: comparison
Model Price
Elops Hoprider £500
Dawes Discovery 201 £419.99
Ridgeback Speed £319.99

Buying an electric bike: 2022 comparisonOver the last few years, electric bikes have grown considerably. Thanks to their electric motor, they can cover long distances without requiring massive effort. Discover all the tips in our guide for buying and comparing electric bikes 2022.

Bike manufacturers, such as Giant, Merida or Peugeot, are constantly developing new technology for their products, making them as light and long-lasting as possible.

Buying a second-hand bike

The second-hand bike market is flourishing. With second-hand purchasing platforms such as Gumtree, you are sure to find a model you like at an attractive price.

When buying a second-hand bike, it is important to ensure the bike is in decent condition (brakes, tyres, wheels). Some pieces of certain bike models are hard to find or repair, making it all the more important to buy a bike in good condition.

One of the disadvantages of the second-hand bike market is the lack of a warranty from the manufacturer.

Renting a bike

Fear of theft is still an obstacle for the purchase of a bike. For this reason, renting a bike is a good way to try out different models before investing in a new one.

Some cities, such as London and its “Santander Cycles” bike sharing program, allow people the chance to rent out bikes within a self-service model, whether they be mechanical or electric. This allows people interested in buying a bike to see whether this really is the best way for them to travel daily or for any other use.

Why do people call them Boris Bikes in London?The bike sharing scheme was introduced in London by then-Mayor, and now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson in 2010. He was often pictured cycling around the city and to his office at City Hall and the term ‘Boris Bike’ was quickly coined. It was, however, his predecessor, Ken Livingston, who initially started the feasibility study into launching the scheme.

How to choose a bicycle?

  • Criteria for choosing a bike:
  • The type of use required;
  • The price of the bike;
  • The weight of the bicycle;
  • The frame of the bike.

It is possible to buy a bike on the internet, in a specialised store or in a department store. Nevertheless, it is advisable to purchase a bike in a physical store. It is essential to try a bike before buying it in order to find the model which best adapts to your shape and needs (height, size, arm span, etc.). It is not advisable to purchase bikes over the internet.

To correctly choose the frame of a bike you need to keep in mind the following elements:

  • The height of the cyclist;
  • The height of the cyclist’s inner thigh;
  • The span of one’s arms.

What are women's bikes like?Bikes are adapted to the female body with a lower frame and a slightly different alignment of the hip-knee-foot. Nevertheless, manufacturers are increasingly offering more tailored bikes for both men and women.

As well as investing in a bike, it is always worth purchasing a good helmet, bike GPS, glasses, gloves… And, above all, a good lock as new bikes are very popular and tempting to thieves.

Choosing a good bike shop nearby is also an important factor to ease bike checks and repairs, where necessary.

Why buy a bike?

Bikes have many advantages. As well as being a very sustainable type of transport, they also allow you to regularly complete physical exercise.

Cycling in the UK

The UK has an extensive network of cycle paths known as the National Cycle Network (NCN) which is managed by Sustrans, a charity dedicated to encouraging cycling as a way to both reduce the impact of climate change and encourage people to lead healthier lives.

cycle network

In 2018, the group set out plans for the cycle network not only to expand, but to also be more free of traffic, with cities and towns totally connected allowing a safe space for cyclists to enjoy.

Last year, they provided a progress report which showed:

  • 72% of people using the network said they did so as it is their best option for transport;
  • 95% of respondents revealed they used the cycle network as a way to do exercise;
  • 3,733 miles of dangerous or inaccessible parts of the network were removed or reclassified in 2020, making it safer for users;
  • The network carried almost 5 million users over 764.8 million trips in 2020.

In good news for cycling enthusiasts, as part of the Government’s plans for the UK to become a carbon neutral country by 2050, the network is set to be extended and more funding given to it. Indeed, the Build Back Greener plan states £2 billion will be invested which will help enable half of journeys in towns and cities to be cycled or walked in just eight years’ time - 2030.

Discover our comparison guides to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.

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