The Carbon Offset Gift Card for businesses

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Selectra has launched the Carbon Offset Gift Card: an eco-friendly gift for companies to fight against global warming. The card is aimed at employees to congratulate them for their work or at customers to thank them for their cooperation. Discover the different options for offsetting their carbon emissions.

An eco-friendly gift for companies

Offering a Carbon Offset Gift Card to your employees or clients is a way for them to fight against global warming while offsetting their carbon emissions.

Companies committed to fighting global warming

Selectra has created the Carbon Offset Gift Card with the aim of raising awareness of global warming by calculating the average carbon footprint of the card's beneficiaries and funding an environmental project to the extent of their emissions.

The Carbon Offset Gift Card is the ideal gift for any company wishing to raise awareness among its employees or customers about the fight against global warming. It can be purchased and offered at any time of the year: farewell party, thank you gift, Christmas gift, etc.

The Carbon Offset Gift Card can also be given to friends and family to raise awareness of global warming.

Offset your CO2 emissions and finance an environmental project with Selectra

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Since 2019, Selectra has been offering companies the opportunity to offset some or all of their carbon emissions by financing an environmental project, the Gandhi project, via the Carbon Offset Gift Card.

Chosen with the help of the EcoAct consulting firm for its strong environmental and social impact, Selectra's Gandhi project is a carbon offset project consisting of developing green energy in India via the construction of a wind farm in Porbandar, Gandhi's birthplace.

Nowadays, 21 wind turbines are participating in India's energy transition via the Gandhi project, producing nearly 36 GWh of green electricity per year.

The VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), with which the project is certified, guarantees that the greenhouse gas emission reductions linked to the project are real, measurable, verifiable and additional. The effectiveness of carbon offsetting is thus strengthened by compliance with these conditions.

Choosing a Carbon Offset Gift Card

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Three formulas are available for purchase. However, it is entirely possible to modify the amount of CO2 to be offset for any company wishing to offer a personalised gift.

  1. "My first steps": formula allowing you to offset part of your CO2 emissions, i.e. the average emissions of a British person linked to transport.
  2. "Towards a sustainable consumption": formula offering to compensate for a larger part of one's CO2 emissions than "My first steps", i.e. the average emissions of a British person linked to consumption habits and food.
  3. "All-inclusive": formula offering to compensate for all the average CO2 emissions of a British person.
Formula Offset emissions Source of emissions
My first steps (19.90 £) 1.6 tons of CO2eq Transport
Towards a rational consumption (39.90 £) 4.57 tons of CO2eq Food and consumption habits (electronic devices, clothing, pharmaceutical products, etc.)
All-inclusive (77.90 £) 7.01 tons of CO2eq All CO2 emissions (transport, consumption habits, food, housing energy and indirect emissions)

Once purchased, the company receives by email all the information concerning the CO2 emissions offset through the Gandhi project, as well as a certificate confirming the purchase by Selectra of the carbon credits corresponding to the tonnage of CO2 offset.

How does corporate carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting is a process that consists of offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions by financing an environmental project.

Compliance or voluntary carbon offsetting?

In the UK, carbon offsetting in companies is either mandatory or voluntary:

  1. The compliance carbon market, also called regulated carbon market, is used by companies and governments that by law have to account for their greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. The voluntary carbon market has been created for individuals and companies that are not bound by the legally binding limits of the UK Emissions Trading System (UK ETS). The carbon offset gift card is therefore aimed at voluntary companies that want to finance an environmental project, such as the Gandhi project.

Reducing your carbon footprint with Selectra

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As a company, it is therefore possible to reduce your carbon footprint with Selectra, in particular through various complementary services:

  • The Carbon Offset Gift Card, which raises awareness among employees and partners of companies in the fight against global warming;
  • The "Climate Friendly Companies" standard, which helps companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Our carbon accounting service, available by email, which draws up a carbon balance sheet for companies and helps them to reduce their carbon emissions.
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