Our offsetting projects related to biomass


Trincomalee - Sri-Lanka

This project aims to address the electricity shortage in Sri Lanka and to provide 72 GWh of electricity per year to the Tokyo Cement Company. The biomass plant will use unprocessed agricultural waste, which would decompose or be burned in the open, as well as sawdust from local sawmills, which has no other current use. The ash will be reused for cement production. This project is a clean energy offer in a country where the national power grid relies on diesel power plants. It will create 200 jobs and reduce air pollution from unmanaged waste, an significant health risk for the local population. The project will avoid an average of 43,800 tCO2eq per year.

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Chandrelohi - India

This project use renewable biomass for electricity production, thus contributing to the production of renewable energy in India. It consists of the installation of a 7.5 MW steam turbine and a steam generator using agricultural waste as fuel. The energy produced by the biomass plant will be exported to the regional grid of Rajasthan. In addition, the program contributes to the social and economic well-being of local communities. This project will avoid on average 50,327 tCO2eq per year.

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