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EcoAct is an international consulting company specialising in offsetting one’s carbon footprint. Since 2005, it has helped companies preempt their energy transition by establishing specific strategies to reach ambitious climate objectives.

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A consulting firm committed to climate: What does EcoAct do?

What does a climate change consultant do? Climate change consultants carry out research on the impact of human activity on the environment and advise on policy. The look at issues such as weather patterns, rising sea levels, deforestation and other impacts of climate change

A pioneer in transition to net-zero, EcoAct (previously known as Carbon Clear) has as its mission to promote best practices to reduce and offset carbon footprints. It is one of the leading sustainability consultancy in the UK.

  • EcoAct in figures:
  • More than 1.000 consultancy projects completed (since 2017);
  • 260 international experts;
  • 15 years serving its clients (45 Net Promoter Score 2016-2017);
  • 6 times winner of the Environmental Finance Global Awards.

To contribute to the global objective of achieving zero net emissions, EcoAct offers companies guidance in the process of voluntary carbon offsetting and development of projects to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The consultancy firm helps them find carbon offset projects which are in line with their needs and helps them manage their environmental impact.

What is voluntary carbon offsetting?Voluntary carbon offsetting consists of offsetting carbon emissions by financing a project which reduces, avoids or removes from the atmosphere greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to accelerate the transition a transition to the net-zero economy. However, before taking any action, carbon offsetting should always go in line with reducing one’s own carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

In the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, EcoAct, which is owned by IT and digital tranformation giant, Atos, is committed to rigorously follow the best practices of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) which guarantees that all the projects proposed by EcoAct have:

carbon offset
  • Great social and environmental impact: the project should include collateral benefits;
  • Awareness: the Project would not have come to light without the carbon credits;
  • Unique: the carbon credits may only be sold once;
  • Permanent: the emissions must be avoided in the long-term;
  • Measurable: it must follow recognised methodologies;
  • Verified: a third party must regularly audit the project.

What does Atos do?Atos provides a number of specialised technology services including business integration, cloud computing, security system, risk management, and work place solutions.

Examples of climate change projects EcoAct is involved in

EcoAct is not limited to just one particular area of improving the environment or reversing the impact of climate change. It leads projects in many parts of the world across a number of areas, including:

  • Forest conservation: Participating in various projects around the globe including in Cambodia, Sudan, and the USA concerning the protection of forests, preventing deforestation, and restoring species to their habitats;
  • Clean water projects: Provides communities in Ethiopia and Cambodia with sustainable supplies to clean water;
  • Renewable energy: As well as working with Selectra on a wind energy project, EcoAct is also involved in projects dealing with fuel transition, biogas, and solar energy;
  • Sustainable agriculture: In Vietnam, it encourages the use of animal and human waste to generate renewable and clean energy;
  • Cleaner cookstoves: Working with communities in Africa and India to replace wood-burning stoves with more environmentally-friendly options;
  • Tree planting: Replanting trees in areas of deforestation to restore vital carbon dioxide storage and restore the role that trees play in our environment.

Supporting people and companies in their environmental outlook

Human activities are the main cause of global warming. For this reason, Selectra, in collaboration with EcoAct, is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its clients.

For a company, the first step in the fight against global warming is to complete an assessment of its greenhouse gas emissions, also known as its carbon footprint. Some companies, such as Selectra, offer carbon accounting services.

The carbon footprint of a company refers to the impact its activities have on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions of a company should be measured taking into account the direct or indirect effect generated by the development of its economic activity.

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Secondly, this assessment allows the establishment of specific initiatives, such as the participation in the financing of a carbon offsetting project, destined to reduce its environmental impact.

What is EcoAct’s reputation?

EcoAct works with more than 400 companies in all sectors: Selectra, WWF, Innocent, Compass Group, Vivendi, Worldline, Allianz...

“EcoAct provided us with very valuable assistance in order to prepare our yearly assessment and they were very attentive, tending to our additional requirements. It was a pleasure to work with them.” – Sustainability Manager, Compass Group.

“Our alliance with Carbon Clear (now EcoAct) and the capacity of the system to process a large amount of data has helped us to concentrate our efforts to reduce energy consumption in an intelligent way, instead of worrying about data collection and other unknowns. The team has provided much added value, as they understand the needs of RBS (now Natwest Group) and has provided us a way to collect and analyse data in a very efficient manner” - Lesley Holloway, Environmental Manager.

How to contact EcoAct in the UK?

For companies wishing to undertake an environmental initiative, there are several ways to contact EcoAct in the UK:

  • Via email: [email protected];
  • Via telephone: +44 (0) 203 589 9444;
  • Or via mail at the following address: Second Floor, Midcity Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6EA, United Kingdom.

How to reduce your carbon footprint?

It is important for companies and businesses to change the way they operate with regards to protecting the environment and being more aware of climate change. One way they can do that and raise awareness of climate issues among employees is by having a defined and coherent corporate governance structure.

What is corporate governance?Corporate governance is essentially a set of rules that helps define how a company or business should be managed. There is often a distribution of power among directors or share-holders, as well as a thought out and clear set of rules or procedures in decision-making processes. CSR as it is also known should include key factors such as transparency, equality, independence and responsibility.

However, there are also many steps we can all take as individuals to reduce our own carbon footprint. Examples of simple measures to implement in our daily lives include:

  • Walking or cycling instead of driving, especially for short journeys to run errands or short commutes to work;
  • Thinking about car-sharing or using public transport instead of your car for longer journeys;
  • Assessing whether there are options to go by bus or train instead of by aeroplane;
  • Consider purchasing an electric or hybrid car;
  • Reducing the amount of meat intake;
  • Buying locally sourced and produced food;
  • Recycling as much as possible, including plastics, alumunium, glass, clothing, and more,
  • Turning off electronic items such as the TV, and unplugging chargers,
  • Switching to LED bulbs and turning off lights in the house when not in use - something that can also save on the electricity bills.