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Green Energy UK Contact: Number, Email & Address

Looking for the right Green Energy UK Contact number? Wondering how to notify the supplier of an issue? Our full guide to Green Energy UK contact methods will help you get in touch quick and get your problems sorted even quicker. Read on for Green Energy UK contact numbers, email addresses and more.

Green Energy UK Contact

By now, you have probably taken a look around the web and discovered that there is very little Green Energy UK contact information available. Unlike other larger green energy suppliers, Green Energy UK only has a few methods of contact, so we are here to help sort you out with all the Green Energy UK contact details you'll ever need.

We believe the lack of information is due to Green Energy UK only having a few contact numbers. Because of their smaller size, they likely prefer to manage all their customers through only a few main channels.

Below we explain all of the Green Energy UK contact methods available and the information you will be required to share when contacting them.

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How do I contact Green Energy UK?

There are 4 main methods for contacting Green Energy UK:

  • Telephone
  • Online Account
  • Email
  • Post

For reaching the provider by phone, there are 3 dedicated Green Energy UK contact numbers for residential and business customers needing help over the phone.

You can also contact them via your online account, or the Green Energy UK app which is available on apple and android devices.

And lastly, if you are someone who prefers to write to your energy supplier, skip ahead to our sections below on Green Energy UK Contact Emails & Green Energy UK Contact Address.

Green Energy UK Contact Number

For help over the phone, you can call the green Energy UK customer service line. However, as we mentioned before, there are only 3 Green Energy UK contact numbers. Below we've created a table with the three numbers and their respective uses.

Green Energy UK Contact Numbers
All Green Energy Uk Contact Numbers
Residential - Green Energy UK contact number: 019 2048 6156
Business - Green Energy UK contact number: 019 2048 3043
Electricity Generators' - Green Energy UK contact number: 019 2048 3046

Please note, the Electricity Generators number is for customers who produce their own energy through renewable energy sources, such as home solar panels, and need to make contact about this topic.

The best part about Green Energy UK is how quickly they answer the phone.

Instead of being passed through an automated system as other large energy companies do, Green Energy UK answers the phone straight away with an immediate connection to a live person.

In our trial tests, we called Green Energy UK at 11am BST and were put through to a live person in exactly 12 seconds! That's a record!

Although we were able to contact a live person immediately, it would make complete sense for call waiting times to be a bit higher than this at peak hours. For this reason, we recommend calling as soon as the call centre opens.

For more information on opening times, skip ahead to our section on Green Energy UK Opening Hours.

Moving Home: Green Energy UK Contact

If you are moving home and would like to cancel your green energy supply or take your tariff with you, Green Energy UK has a dedicated moving team to help you with your move.

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The first thing you will need to do is to notify them of your change of address, this way they can help facilitate the switch of supply at your new property. You can fill out the moving house Green Energy UK contact form via your online account, or you can call directly to speak with a Green Energy UK customer service representative.

  • Green Energy UK Contact number for moving home: 019 2048 6156
  • Green Energy UK Contact number for moving businesses: 019 2048 3043

Make sure you have your account number handy, as this will help speed up the process. If you don't know your account number you can find it on your latest electricity bill.

Lastly, you can also notify them of the move via the following Green Energy UK contact email:

energy price increase

Affected by the rise in energy prices?

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Meter Reading: Green Energy UK Contact

Green Energy UK Make it quick, easy, and painless to submit meter readings on the go via their app or the online account. However, if you aren't as savvy with the internet as you would like to be, you can also submit your Green Energy UK meter reading over the phone, via email, or through their online form.

  • Green Energy UK Contact number for Meter Readings: 019 2048 6156

If you prefer to submit your meter readings via email, use the Green Energy UK Contact email here:

Make sure to include your name, account number, meter readings (specifying gas/electric), and the dates they were taken. Lastly, if you need to submit a meter reading for someone else or you can't remember your online account information, you can submit your meter reading through the Green Energy UK online form by visiting the following link and scrolling down to fill in the form.

Complaints: Green Energy UK Contact

Like all of the other major energy companies, Green Energy UK is required to adhere to a strict complaint handling procedure set forth by Ofgem. This is good news for the customers, as it means that you can be assured that all complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner.

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For raising complaints you the provider, the easiest way is to call the general Green Energy Contact number and request to make a complaint.

  • Green Energy UK contact number: 019 2048 6156

You can also email your complaint to the address below.

Green Energy UK complaints email:

When you lodge a complaint with any provider, make sure to request the complaint ID number. This will allow you to initiate legal action should your complaint go unresolved.

If you finally hear back from the supplier and are unhappy with the outcome, you can write to the company directors at the Green Energy UK contact addresses below with a note addressing it to the directors.

Green Energy UK Contact by Post:

The Directors
Green Energy (UK) Ltd
Black Swan House
23 Baldock Street
Ware, Herts, SG12 9DH

Green Energy UK Opening Hours

Green Energy UK operating hours are Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm.

If you have a gas or electricity emergency, you can call the national emergency electricity line at 105,
or the national emergency gas line at 0800 111 999. Both numbers are open 24/7.

Green Energy UK Contact Email

As you've seen so far, there are several Green Energy UK Contact emails available for your different queries. Below we have gathered them all into a list to make it clear which contact emails are available.

Green Energy UK Contact Email Addresses
Green Energy UK Contact by Email
General Residential:
Meter Readings:

Green Energy UK Contact Address

Lastly, if you prefer to send a good, old fashioned letter, you are welcome to contact the Green Energy UK head office at the following address.

Please note, this is not a Freepost address, therefore postage stamps are required.

Green Energy UK Contact Address:

Green Energy (UK) plc
Black Swan House
23 Baldock Street
Ware, Herts, SG12 9DH

energy price increase

Affected by the rise in energy prices?

No worries! Get free help & support from one of our green energy experts.

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