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Looking for all the dirty on Green Energy UK? Wondering if they are any good? In this guide we break down who Green Energy UK is, what Green Energy UK reviews say about the company, their tariffs and how to contact them. Read on to learn all there is to know about Green Energy UK.

Who is green energy UK (GEUK)?

green earth with green plants

Green Energy UK, also known as GEUK for short, is a UK based green energy company. The company specialised in providing clean, green energy to UK households & businesses for a competitive price. Green Energy UK has been in business now for over two decades, showing just how successful their green energy business model has been.

Green Energy UK started in 2001 and was the first green energy provider in the UK to sell 100% green electricity & 100% biogas made from the anaerobic digestion of animal waste. You got it, cow poo!

Apart from being the first UK energy company to sell 100% green energy, despite the competitive UK energy market and the recent boom in demand for green energy, they have managed to maintain their title as the only green energy supplier in the UK to sell 100% biogas.

If this hasn’t convinced you that Green Energy UK are in a league of their own when it comes to their commitment to the environment, how about the fact that apart from using 100% renewable energy, they also are committed to protecting UK wildlife and its habitat in the process.

Green Energy UK Fuel Mix

Hydroelectric plant

Green Energy UK uses a mixture of renewable energy sources to generate electricity. However, some sources of renewable energy, such as hydroelectric power can harm the environment. For example, Hydroelectric plants are often placed at the outlet of major dams.

The reservoir that holds the water is sometimes placed on land that has been deforested and flooded to build a hydroelectric plant.

Green Energy UK knows this and takes their commitment to the environment so seriously that they only use energy generated from hydroelectric plants in areas where migrating fish are protected. Apart from this, Green Energy UK has taken a major step and decided not to offset their energy. They believe that it is more effective to focus their effort on creating truly sustainable energy, rather than supporting greenwashing by offsetting dirty energy.

Now do you see what we've been talking about? Pretty Amazing, right?

Let's get into more details below about Green Energy UK and why it has become one of the best green energy companies in the UK.

Who owns Green Energy UK?

Green Energy UK is also known as Green Energy (UK) PLC and is a private limited green energy company owned by husband and wife Douglas & Gail Stewart. Green Energy UK, or GEUK for short, was started in April 2001 under the name Findella, but was changed 2 months later to Green Energy UK. As of 2022, Green Energy UK is still trading and is the only energy provider in the UK to offer 100% green electricity & gas.

Is Green Energy UK a good company?

Green Energy UK ranked number one as the best green energy company in the UK in our comparison of green energy suppliers. Not only was Green Energy UK the only green energy company to offer 100% biogas in the UK, but it was also the supplier that ranked the cheapest in our list of green energy suppliers UK.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Others are also weighing in with their opinions on the green supplier. For example, in 2021, Ethical Consumer Magazine named Green Energy UK as the number one “Best Buy” among green energy suppliers for helping to build more green energy sources around the UK.

At the heart of Green Energy UK are its company values that keep the supplier on track to being an ethical company and one that cares about its customers:

1. To be the pioneering champions of green and sustainable energy in the UK; never compromising on the quality of the energy we put into the grid and paving the way for others to follow.

2. To delight our customers. We believe passionately, if our customers are prepared to help us pioneer a cleaner, greener UK, then they deserve the very best customer service we can provide.

All of this sounds nice, but shouldn’t we take a look at what actual customers are saying about Green Energy UK? Well, you've come to the right place!

Let's dive in to what real customers have mentioned around the web in Green Energy UK reviews.

energy price increase

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Green Energy UK Reviews

Green Award

We have scoured the web to bring you the condensed version of what real customers have mentioned in their Green Energy UK Reviews. To do this, we took a look at Which’s Annual Supplier Survey and Trustpilot’s Green Energy UK reviews page. Without further adieu, let’s dig in.

Green Energy UK made the top half of the list in Which’s Annual Supplier Survey of the best energy suppliers for 2020, coming in at number 12. Customers were largely happy with Green Energy UK’s accurate and clear billing, giving them four out of five stars for both.

However, Green Energy UK reviews ranked them lower in the category of “value for the money” with customers mentioning: “It wasn’t as cheap as I initially thought.”

However, on Trustpilot, customers have ranked Green Energy UK with a whopping 4.4 stars out of 5. Many customers mention how quickly they have their queries resolved when calling the customer support line, and how clear and accurate their bills are.

Fantastic customer service, never stuck on hold or waiting for emails to be responded to and clear billing, but best of all an environmentally responsible choice. - Penny

Still, other Green Energy UK reviews do mention issues relating to switching and losing functionality on their smart meter, or long wait times for the Green Energy UK smart meter rollout.

On the plus side, we did notice that GEUK took the time to reply individually to each review with a personal message to the reviewer, extending their thanks or offering further assistance where needed. We thought this was a nice touch.

Green Energy UK Pros & cons

Pros of Green Energy UK

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Offers 100% biogas
  • Protects wildlife

Cons of Green Energy UK

  • Their biogas is not Vegan
  • No Warm Home Discount
  • App is slow & buggy

Green Energy UK tariffs

Unlike other green energy suppliers in the UK, Green Energy UK offers a range of different tariff options to suit each customer’s individual needs. From tariffs for home energy generators feeding energy back to the grid, to customers looking for flexible hours for getting the most savings out of their energy supply, Green Energy UK has taken this into account.

Below we mention two of the more unique Green Energy UK tariffs on offer.

  • EKO Energy Tariff
  • Tide Tariff

Green Energy UK’s EKO Energy Tariff

The EKO Energy Tariff is one of the signature Green Energy UK tariffs on offer and is backed by the EKO Energy Label. The EKO Energy Label is an independent certification by the International Ecolabel for Electricity and Gas which serves as proof of guarantee that a tariff is actually sustainable, 100% renewable, and respects marine and bird habitats.

As an added benefit the EKO Energy Tariff supports renewable energy & projects fighting climate change around the world to help fight fuel poverty.

Green Energy UK’s Tide Tariff

The Tide Tariff from Green Energy UK is what is known as a time of use tariff. Similar to the ebbing and flowing of the tides, Green Energy UK’s Tide Tariff offers high and low price periods throughout the day allowing customers to take advantage of lower prices when electricity is less in demand.

This type of tariff can be especially useful for customers who use large amounts of electricity at night time when prices are lower, such as electric car owners who charge their vehicles overnight. With the tide tariff, Green Energy UK customers have access to cheaper energy and stay vigilant to do their part to relieve stress on the energy grid when electricity is in high demand.

Green Energy UK Contact

Just as any major supplier, there are several Green Energy UK contact methods available for current or prospective customers, such as via phone, email, or online account.

In the table below we have detailed the main Green Energy UK contact methods.

Green Energy UK Contact Methods
Telephone: 01 9204 86156
Email: [email protected]
Online Account: Here

More recently the company has been in the process of releasing the Green Energy UK app which was developed in 2020. The app is available on Apple & Android devices.

Green Energy UK login

If you prefer to manage your account online, as we mentioned before, there are a few options for you. To access your online account you will need to login via Green Energy UK login page on the website (above) or the app.

If you have never accessed your online account you may need to contact the customer support team to receive your Green Energy UK login credentials.

However, you can typically access your account for the first time with a generic username.

For this, you will need to simply type “GE” followed by your Green Energy UK account number.

Example: GE543210

If cannot log in, or have forgotten your login credentials, you can always retrieve them via the “I forgot my password” button or by contacting the support team.

energy price increase

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