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Looking for more info about Good Energy UK? In this guide we explore all you need to know about the green energy supplier. You'll discover: who Good Energy is, what customers have to say about Good Energy, if they're any good, and how to contact Good Energy by phone, email or using your Good Energy login. Read on to learn more!

energy price increase

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What is Good Energy?

Good Energy is a green energy supplier located in Chippenham, in the UK. True to its name, Good Energy aims to be the best green energy supplier in the UK.

Good energy has made a name for itself in the world of energy suppliers in general. With around 250,000 customers, it has become one of the UK’s largest independently owned energy suppliers.

Is Good Energy Green?

green earth with plants

Good Energy is a green energy company, which means that the energy they sell comes from renewable resources.

While their energy is still not considered vegan energy, such as with Ecotricity, they do offer green renewable energy. Contrary to some other green energy companies in the UK, Good Energy does not engage in greenwashing and is very transparent about the energy they sell.

Good Energy sells 100% green electricity, as can be seen in their fuel mix. The Good Energy fuel mix details where their electricity is sourced from and it what proportions.

See the Good Energy fuel mix in the graph below:


As per the Good Energy fuel mix graph above, it is clear to see that Good Energy provides 100% green electricity sourced from:

Good Energy Green Gas

Apart from selling 100% green electricity, Good Energy also sells green gas.

UK energy companies are not required to disclose their gas mix because green gas is still very scarce in the UK, so most suppliers sell 100% natural gas. However, Good Energy supplements 10% of its gas supply with green gas (also known as biogas) sourced from decaying biomass.

This is a major bonus for the environmentally conscious because currently, only a few suppliers sell green gas. Green Energy UK is the only supplier in the UK to sell 100% green gas, and therefore 10% green gas is a great number for a gas mix. Hopefully this number will rise in the near future as energy companies take more responsibility to combat climate change.

Now that we have covered Who Good Energy is, and you know that Good Energy is a green energy supplier, let’s take a look at some Good Energy reviews from real customers.

Good Energy Reviews

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Good Energy is well known and well regarded for being a green energy supplier, but how do real customers rate its services?

For this section on Good Energy reviews, we have taken a look around the web to see what real Good Energy customers had to say about the company.

On Trust Pilot, Good Energy has raked in a strong 4.4 stars for customer satisfaction, with 66% of customers giving Good Energy 5 out of 5 stars. In this day in age, getting over a 4 can be quite tough.

Therefore, it seems safe to say that Good Energy has its act together.

When we broke down the Good Energy reviews to specifically look at Good Energy customer service, many customers praised Good Energy for:

  • How easy it was to reach of customer service by phone
  • How friendly the Good Energy staff are

The reviews for Good Energy customer service can be summed up in what the following customer wrote:

I'm a long-time user of Good Energy but I never cease to be amazed at the intelligent good-natured customer service. Admittedly today's call took longer than the usual few minutes to be answered but given the upheaval all energy companies are experiencing this was no surprise. The person I spoke to (Seb Hockridge) immediately apologised for the wait. He had the clarity, calm and humour that I associate with Good Energy. Despite my slightly complicated queries, he had answers to all my questions. Above all, he spoke human. His follow-up email was clear and written in human too. These are reasons I've never wanted to go to a different supplier. - David B.
After looking at how customers rated Good Energy customer service, we switched our focus to see if there was a particular area where the company did not fare well.

We decided to look at Good Energy reviews on the topic of submitting a Good Energy meter reading, and here the reviews started to take a turn for the worse.

Many customers mentioned that their bills started to go up after they gave their Good Energy meter readings. In this example, several customers declared that they were underquoted by Good Energy at the time of sign up, meaning that their actual energy consumption was higher than the estimate Good Energy gave them when they joined, causing their bills to go up.

[I] was given a force estimate of my energy bill. Only to find out it was nearly double what I was quoted. I left inside a month. Yet I still get people knocking on my door before 8am to get a meter reading. I also get emails from them thanking me for choosing Good Energy. - D. Williams
While this can be quite frustrating, these problems can be avoided by sharing the information from your current energy bills when you join Good Energy as a new customer.

energy price increase

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What Good Energy Tariffs are on Offer?

There are three different types of Good Energy tariffs for residential customers, depending on the type of meter you have and your preferred method of payment.

All Good Energy tariffs come without exit fees as well, meaning that customers are free to end the contract whenever they please and can change to another supplier without a penalty fee for leaving. This is a great feature and one that other suppliers like Ecotricity are also starting to offer with their tariffs. Below we cover all of Good Energy’s tariff options in more detail.

Good Energy Tariffs:

  • 2-year fixed rate tariff
  • Flexible or Variable tariff
  • Electric Vehicle Tariff

All Good Energy tariffs come with dual fuel or single fuel options (except the EV tariff) and are compatible with dual-rate economy 7 meters.

Good to Fix Tariff

The first Good Energy tariff on offer is called the Good to Fix tariff. This tariff is a fixed-rate tariff for 24 months meaning that you are guaranteed the unit rates and standing charges will not change for the 2 years that you are on this tariff. This tariff is also only available to customers who pay by direct debit. However, it’s a great option for long-term customers who prefer to have fixed rates.

SVT Standard Variable Tariff

The second Good Energy tariff on our list is called the SVT standard tariff and is a variable rate tariff. With variable tariffs, your rates fluctuate based on the price fluctuations of the wholesale energy market. Selectra does not recommend variable tariffs as they tend to be more expensive than fixed-rate tariffs. There is also no safeguard for customers during moments of extreme price rises, such as in the Fall of 2021.

Green Driver EV Tariff

The last Good Energy tariff on offer is called the Green Driver EV tariff. This tariff is for electric vehicle owners and is a time-of-use tariff meaning that the rates for the electricity used vary depending on the hour of the day. Customers can choose between a 5-hour and 7-hour time slot which begins at midnight when rates are cheaper for charging their vehicle. This time slot will allow EV customers to save money on their electricity bill when charging their vehicle and also reduce pressure on the grid during peak hours by incentivising charging during cheaper hours.

Good Energy Smart Meter

Electricity Meter

All Good Energy customers can receive a Good Energy smart meter upon joining the green energy supplier. However, you must register your interest in receiving a Good Energy smart meter.

Then, someone from the company will be in touch with you when they are installing smart meters in your area.

Some customers may already have a smart meter installed from their previous supplier. If this is the case, Good Energy will be in contact with you to let you know if your smart meter will retain its smart functionality.

Some older smart meters aren’t compatible with newer systems. However, you can request to have a Good Energy smart meter installed if your smart meter does lose its smart capabilities. Also, the installation of your Good Energy smart meter is free of charge.

Good Energy Meter ReadingWith a smart meter there is no need to submit a Good Energy meter reading, as the meter does it for you automatically. If you don't have a Good Energy smart meter, then you can submit your Good Energy meter reading over the phone, via the app, or by logging in to your Good Energy My Account online.

Good Energy Contact Methods

As we mentioned before, one of the things that customers love about Good energy is how easy it is to speak to someone when you need help. Below we detail all of the different Good Energy contact methods and how to access your online account using your Good Energy login information.

Good Energy Contact Methods
Good Energy Contact Method Contact Good Energy Here
Good Energy Contact for Residential Customers
Good Energy Contact Number (Home) 0800 254 0000
Good Energy Contact Online (Home) Online Account for Home Energy
Good Energy Contact for Business Customers
Good Energy Contact Number (Business) 0800 254 0021
Good Energy Contact Email (Business) [email protected]
Good Energy Contact Online (Business) Online Account for Businesses
Good Energy Contact Address Good Energy Ltd.
Monkton Park Offices
Monkton Park
Chippenham SN15 1GH
United Kingdom

Good Energy Login

If you prefer managing your account online, there is the Good Energy My Account online and also a Good Energy app. You can access your account information using both of these using your Good Energy login credentials.

To access the Good Energy My Account, go to Once you land on the homepage, navigate to the top right corner where there is a circular button in the shape of a man.

If you click this button, a menu will appear where you can choose “home” (if you are a residential customer) or “business" (if you are a business customer). These buttons will take you to the Good Energy login page, where you can access your account.

You can also reach the Good Energy login page using the link in the table above.

If you prefer using the mobile app, the Good Energy app is available to download for free on Apple and Android devices. However, the Good Energy app is more limited than the Good Energy My Account online but can still be used to submit a Good Energy meter reading and to check your account details.

energy price increase

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